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For access to our statement of purpose and young persons guide please press here 

We are a not for profit company that are dedicated to supporting young people through the provision of our own semi-independent homes and providing support for mental and emotional wellbeing, health, education, training and employment opportunities together with relationship building with family and friends.


We take a non-judgemental approach and provide a high-level of support and understanding to each young person’s individual needs and offer a structured, motivating, supportive and safe environment to ensure each young person has the opportunity to reach their specific goals.


The support services we offer are available to young people who may come from a family breakdown, residential care, fostering or homeless situations who require the opportunity to be supported in independent living skills.


Our experienced team have a considerable amount of knowledge of supporting young people within the group living environment, delivering individual and flexible services for those with emotional and/or behavioural difficulties.


We offer planned and emergency placements for male or female residents aged between 16 and 24 years old.

  • Full Insured

    • Employers Liability       £ 10,000,00

    • Professional Liability     £ 2,000,000

    • Public Liability               £ 5,000,000


  • Competent, supported and trained staff team

  • Comprehensive policies and procedures

  • In-house Well Being team

For further information call us on 01227 903061, email us or complete our contact form

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